Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here we all are after Church today. The boys got to wear their new Easter outfits. They looked so handsome! We had such a fun day :) The boys are having so much fun playing in the new sandbox and Grandmas house . I cant believe how much nicer it is when they can play outside all day!
Hunter is getting so big. He has been potty trained for about 6 weeks now and I cant tell you how nice it is not having to buy so many diapers! He is in LOVE with all his toys. He has the best imagination and can keep him entertained for hours. He loves watching movies and playing with his brother.
Speaking of Taggart, he has turned into quite the handful. He is definitely a mommas boy and is still sleeping with us, unfortunately, but he is starting to say quite a few words and is so sweet and funny. He is OBSESSED with our new dog Daisy, she is so good to let him always lay all over her. He is getting so big!
Matt is officially out on his own with his Lawn Care business. He is doing good but it has certainly been a little stressful. I am still working at the Tanner Clinic, I LOVE my job and the Dr. I work for. It is nice to be able to get away for a few hours during the week and I finally took advantage of the health insurance there and all I can say is MY PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED! Hunters one night in the hospital cost us 3800.00 dollars! Ya I don't know about you but we certainly don't have that just laying around to hand to the hospital! ( Thank heaven for payment plans:) ) So now I will not have to worry about and OUTRAGEOUSLY high deductible & premium.... I am already sleeping better.
I am just so happy right now, life is good and I Love MY FAMILY!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well I know that I have been a blogging slacker but it is for 2 reasons. One I lost my camera but I dont dare tell Matt :) And secondly we dont have the internet at our house. But I was looking at all my old posts and I cant believe what a good journal it makes. I want to start doing it again just so I can look back and remember things. So I am offically back in the blogging business, now I just have to somehow get a new cameraa.... I think I will call my mom :)