Thursday, November 19, 2009

I updated My weding BLOG! Check it out!

Halloween & Family Pictures

Taggart was a sweet little elephant....
I was a hippie and Hunter was a Football player (go figure) He wouldn't wear his monkey costume

Matt went dressed as Clint :)

Now here are some updated family pics ( thanks Nick & lauren)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Handsome Men!

I just had to share these pics of the boys from the other day.......

Sunday, September 27, 2009

5 Years ago....

( this isn't actually our first date but it was the only picture that looked like we were on a date!)

So 5 years ago on September 18th ..... Matt and I were set up on a blind date by our Friends Brett and Megan..... I can still remember exactly what I wore, how I felt and how hard I fell for Matt that night! Although Matt didnt fall for me until a few months later ... I can safely say now afetr being married for 4 years and 2 kids later that he is totally in love with me :) ha ha .... But looking back at the trials we have been through I can't imagine going through them with anyone else.... He is everything that I am not and I love him with all my heart! I am so lucky to be able to call him mine! I love you Matthew Hunter Gailey! 5 years has flown! Heres to another 50!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Sweet Boy is one....

This is sort of his face he's been making lately... I have some more pics that I need to post as well.... Man I am such a slacker!

I am officially over a month late to post these pictures of Taggarts birthday pics.... He has been such a sweet boy and I couldn"t imagine our little family without him, he is a solid little man with the funniest personality! I love him so much.... Happy birthday sweet boy... I love you!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Born to be WILD!

Here is my sweet little birthday boy... he will be one on Friday...
Don't worry the tatoos are fake!

This one cracks me up.... They look like they are trying to be tough guys....

So Matt is a motorcycle lover and has his own Harley... well ever since he got it I have wanted to do the boys pictures on it so I decided to make Taggarts Birthday Party a "MOTORCYCLE" theme so I thought it would be fun to take some pics..... aren't they "BAD TO THE BONE":

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Wedding Pics

Hey everyone go to my wedding blog and check out my latest wedding! It was beautiful!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

And this is my joy......

Well these pictures speak for themselves.... I am so lucky to have such handsome boys.. I am so blessed to be a mother and hope everyone has a wonderful mothers day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Appenda What?

So on Friday night Matt started to have a "stomach ache" ... he thought he was just hungry so after he scarfed down a huge hamburger he realized that he was now even sicker... he threw up and went and laid down... he slept all night in the fetal position ( poor guy) Well the next morning he said that the pain wasn't as bad but he was walking funny... I pushed his stomach and he about punched me in the face :) I knew that something was wrong and being the skilled MA that I am I told him he had appendicitis and that we needed to get him to the hospital. So after making sure where our insurance was accepted I tried to get my very reluctant husband to quit watching Last of the Dogmen and get in the car.... So his biggest fear was that he would have to get a colonoscopy ( I dont know why) but I assured him that he wouldnt even have to wear a gown, well after getting him all checked into the ER I went to his room and drew back the curtain to see him in a robe... his face said it all! After talking to the doctor he said that it could be appendicitis or maYBE HE COULD JUST BE BACKED UP:) We were laughing so hard.... he got a CAT scan and guess who was right! Me! He definately had to get it removed! So within 45 min he was in surgery... it went so fast... he did very well and we were very lucky it hadn't burst.... he had to recover for about an hour or two and then we got to bring him home! It was a very quick trip.. we got there at noon and were home by 8:) Although he is very sore and cant lift anything over 10 pounds for 6 weeks he is doing well! I love you babe!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Linen Rentals!

So I just wanted everyone to know that I rent out Wedding linens.... including tablecloths, chair sashes, and chair covers. They come in almost every color you can imagine ! If you go to my Wedding blog (link on your right) you can see prices... I beat Diamond Rentals prices! These are perfect for your wedding luncheons, baby and bridal showers and any other get together that you need to spruce up! I also have other basic wedding items for rent! Tell your friends!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I love this picture of the boys... they are watching Matt talk on the phone outside....

Our new puppy Briggs... he is such a sweet puppy
This is Hunter driving Taggart around on his "Vroom Vroom" Taggart loved it...

So I just want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a very fun night... Matt and I went to see 17 again on Saturday night then went and ate..... Matt then suprised me with a new couch ( the only problem is that Kami has the same one sorry Kam) but Matt was so excited that he picked out something that I couldn't tell him..... But on Sunday my actual birthday)  I got quite the royal treatment... my dad made me french toast ( my Fav) and then we had a yummy dinner and cake at my grandmas.... All in all I had a wonderful day!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I had to post this funny picture of Taggart, he does this face when he is excited.... I love you sweet boy!

Introducing Briggs!

So we got a new puppy.. he is a silver lab and is so cute! ( What puppy isn't) Hunter loves him! I am so excited to see them grow up together.... He is already such a good dog ! Welcome to the Family Briggs... We love you!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Visiting Kam and baby Charli

So kate and I went to visit Kami and her precious baby Charli yesterday, they both looked great! Charli is so tiny and is absolutely beautiful! KAM you make such a cute mommy! All we were missing in this picture was Kim! And just so everyone knows her house is amazing! I love you Kam and baby Charli!  And by the way even though i look like the one who is pregnant I'm not... my baby is 8 months old... :)

p.s. thats a feather on the side of my head not my hair!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Our Life Lately...

So Taggart had his 6 month appointment yesterday...he ia almost 8 months but we had to get new insurance so I had to wait...He did so good! Dr. Rose said that he is very healthy and very smart.... Taggy didn't enjoy the shots but other than that he loves the doctor...
Another bit of good news is that Tag is crawling! Its so exciting to me because Hunter never even got in the crawling position... he just started walking at 8 1/2 months so I am glad that Taggart is giving me a little time before he's everywhere!

And here is our house! Matt is painting this weekend and the cabinets are coming on the 13th! After that all thats left is the hardwood and carpet! I am so excited! Every time I go over there it doesnt really feel like its ours but now its starting to sink in! I can't wait!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Fun at the bowling alley!

So on Saturday we decided to go and do something with just the 4 of us so we tried bowling! Hunter loves anything where you throw a ball at something so I thought he would love it and we were right! We went to Fat Cats in Ogden and had such a fun time as a family! After we ate at the Pizza Factory and either we were starving or else it was really yummy! We also played the arcade games and won lots of tickets! It really made me excited to have the kids get older and do more fun things as a family! I am very lucky to have such a cute bunch of boys to call mine!

                                            Eating at the Pizza Factory! Yummy!
I told Hunter to pose with the breadsticks and this is what he did.... he is so weird sometimes....
                     Taggart was just as excited as Hunter was to be somewhere other than home!
                                                   Even Taggy got to try once! 
                                                          Me and my bowling Buddy!
This is what Hunter would so every time he would  knock  any ins down! He was so excited!
                                               Don't those eyes just melt your heart.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Little "frosting" Monster

So I am sure this isn't a shock to most of you but my little Hunter only eats the middle of cookies.... It is so funny because Danielle was tending him one day and she was watching a movie ... well when she went to stand up 15 cookies fell to the floor off her lap... She said that she knew exactly who had put them there because all the middles were gone! He really is a major cookie fan, he knows exactly where each persons cookie jar is in their house... I think he gets this from his dad! I love you my frosting monster!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Time Flies when your havin' fun!

So I just realized that I havent posted for a while... everything in our world is still as hectic as ever but I wouldn't know what to do if it wasn't.... Hunter has found a new love... a book called "Is that my tractor" and he already has it memorized ( even though he cant really talk that well its funny to see him read it to everyone). Our house is really coming along... this week we start the flooring and all the finish work.... I can't believe its almost done! Its kinda weird to think that we are really going to live there. I have so many projects that I want to get done before we move in... paint this... organize that... man i hope the weather stays good so I can get everything done. So on a more serious note I had a really cool experience this weekend. Matt has been insisting that we are done having kids....:( Our kids are not very good babies at night ad I think we are both in need of some serious sleep.... but for some reason I was dwelling on it... my mind couldn't think of anything else. i was trying to decide if I felt like I had my whole family here with me or if there are some more special spirits up there for us...  Well I fought between trying to be content with what I have and thinking of all the perks of being done with having kids and I 'm not going to lie there are a lot, but on Saturday night we went to scripture study with Matts family and the chapter we were reading brought us to the discussion of having Heavenly Father be a part of all the decisions you make.... the question about having children came up and together we all discussed how even though sometimes you feel "done" you need to pray as a couple with Heavenly Father and be very open to whatever the answer may be. I know that I have more children waiting for but I am in no hurry to get them all here right now! I am so grateful for my kids and for our families... we are truly blessed! 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Musgrave Wedding!

To see more go to my wedding blog...... (Link is on the right )

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Look how different they are

I was looking through my pictures because I wanted to compare Hunter and Taggart at the same age and I couldn't believe how different they look! I am so lucky to have such handsome boys even though they look so different!  They definitely act different .... I can't wait to see them as they grow up and what they will be interested in! One thing I know for sure is that they will be best buddies.... I have never witnessed such pure love as I have seen between these two... from the day we brought Taggart home Hunter had always been so sweet to him and truly loved him... I can't imagine how it must have felt to have their little spirits reunite here on earth... I sometimes have to remind myself that when I am feeling overwhelmed... They are close in age for a reason and I know that they love each other and will always be there for one another {" which truly gives me comfort. I know that nothing compares to the love I have for my sister and I am so glad that my boys get to share a bond like that! But back to their looking so different I don't know why I am suprised look at me and Danielle...

Happy Birthday Matt

So yesterday was my hubbys 26th birthday! We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner with my family.... Matt got a new Ipod and I think that was the first gift that I have ever got him that he truly was excited about! I just want to tell matt how much I love him! He is the best Dad in the whole world and my BEST Friend! I love you Matt and I hope you had a wonderful birthday! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Fun Filled Weekend!

So on Sunday night I took Matt to Park City for his birthday.... I felt bad that it was sunday but my mom has Mondays off so it was the only day to go.... We ate at the same restaurant that we ate at on our honeymoon.... It was so nice to just have a fun night together! I love you Matt!
On Saturday night we went to the Rodeo! Hunter Loved IT! He was so into it he wouldn't even look at the camera!
Earlier that day we took Hunter and Madison to Hungry Bear Pizza and a fun balloon guy was there, he made Hunter some fun swords.....

These next pictures were taken at Hunters 2 year Appointment.... He looks great! The Doctor was a little concerned about his speech though... Hunter doesn't really talk so he wants us to get him tested to see if he qualifies for head start.... I think he will love going to school so I am not too upset about it... Taggart still has an ear infection so if that doesn't clear up tubes are the next step.... he didn't have RSV but has something exactly like it..... I can't wait for summer....