Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy birthday my sweet Boy!

Hunter and Demi were born 6 days apart so Lauren and I thought it would be fun to have their birthday party together, We decided to rent out the Clearfield Aquatic Center.... It was So FUN! Hunter loves the water and it was a perfect Kid Friendly place....

             He seriously has no fear! 
            He is such a Ham... I don't know where he gets it! :)
         This is him telling us how old he is now! I can't believe my baby is 2! I made him a video for his first birthday so I made him one this year and he loves to watch himself on the t.v....... I feel so blessed to have such a sweet boy that I can love forever!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cute Boys!

I am very lucky to have such handsome boys..... Even though sometimes they are naughty!Taggart has the most beautiful blue eyes just like his daddy! He is already 6 months old and has his 2 bottom teeth! Crazy!
I love seeing peoples pictures of their kids in funny sleeping positions! I think this one totally shows what his true loves are! Football & trucks!

He is in his Christmas P.J.'s and my bra! Can anyone say future blackmail!

My sweet baby Tag.... I love how chubby he is getting!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Katee Kami Kim & Whitney!

Man I need a name that starts with a K! I just had to post these pictures!  We were so young! Its crazy to think that I have 2 boys.... Kim has a baby girl .... Kami has a baby on the way and Katee just got a yorkie! I love you girls so much! Thin Sistas for Life!

Busy Busy Busy

wow.... All I can say is I need a break! I have decided to finally follow my heart and do something I have always dreamed about.... Decorate Weddings.... My Grandma owned one when I was little and I have always just loved everything about them! So Katee's brother is getting married and he and his fiance Jordan decided to give me the chance to do theirs! It's coming so fast! They are getting married on March 7th so I have so much left to do! I am very excited to be able to make my dream a reality but man it's hard with two little boys ! They have been much better then I expected though.... I am so grateful to be living in a place where we are able to follow our dreams and own our own businesses.... I just want to thank my Grandma for being the best teacher, she has been so helpful with all of her tips of the trade! She has taught me so much! I even made the centerpieces all by myself! I think it is going to be a beautiful wedding and I will post pictures as soon as I take some! If anyone knows anyone who is getting married tell them about me! I really want to do custom weddings so I can take any ones Dreams and make it a Reality!  

My cousin is working on my Logo but I 've decided to call it "Bliss Wedding Decor" I love the definition of Bliss.... " a state of complete happiness" I think thats what a wedding should be!
 My number is 529-3305 or my email is if anyone is interested!