Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fun at the Roy Aquatic Center

So I decided to get a punch pass to the Roy Aquatic Center because Hunter is such a water lover! He absolutely loved it! He is really loving any kind of slide right now because he can do it all by himself. I think this is going to be great way to spend our summer doing something really fun!


Kammers said...

ahhh he is so cute! Me, you and Megs need to go there all together! Daven and Hunter can play and me and you can put our big bellies in the water and cool off!

bri said...

He is getting so big, what does he think about you having a baby? does he understand it?

Brian and Alisha said...

Hey Whit! It's Alisha... I found your blog site, and hope you don't mind my peeking! It's been way too long... I can't believe how darling your little fam is, and you are expanding! That is so awesome. It was nice catching up! If you'd like to see our blog, email me at and I'll send you an invite!