Saturday, October 4, 2008

I got Tagged!

Tell 6 UNSPECTACULAR quirks about yourself and tag 6 other bloggers

Well as all of you know my nick name is Mary Poppins ( practically perfect in every way) Ha! Not! I am so far from perfect its not even funny! I don't even know if I could list all my quirks. But I do have to say that I think quirks are what make us all unique! After reading other peoples Quirks, its those qualities that I love about them! So hopefully you all love my shortcomings!

1. I suffer from pretty bad anxiety/depression. I have to take my medicine or else I get bad anxiety attacks.I have always had them but ever since I got pregnant with Taggart I decided to get some medicine to help me because I knew that with two kids my stress would just get worse, so now ( as long as I take my pills) I feel great! The only thing that bugs me is whenever I am in a bad mood Matt asks me if I have taken "My Pills" Oh well....

2. I have the tendency of being slightly silly... ok I am very Silly especially if I am with my Sister. My mom hates it because all we do is giggle. I swear I will never grow out of being a dork. I feel bad for my kids, hopefully I won't embarras them!

3. My mom tells me that I make every situation about me! It doesn't matter we are doing I somehow make it about me. I don't think its true but my mom says I do, so I guess I do.

4. I like every other girl have a shopping problem! Even going into Walmart for formula I have to look at the clothes... I am pathetic!

5. I kinds think that blogging is one of my quirks, I am sure you can all agree that blogging is addictive! I also have a problem with t.v. watching! I don't care though because it's one of my only things that i get to do.

6. I have this wierd thing about dairy products. I like milk ( only if its freezing cold or with cookies) I hate cheese ( except in salsa or on nachos) I HATE sour cream I almost throw up when I see someone eat it! I can only eat cottage cheese with potato chips! ya i am wierd....

I tag Randi, Katee, Erin and Juliet!


Trissy-T said...

Yeah I think that is what we all love about our friends is our flaws. It makes us unique. You are cute!

Katee said...

I LOVE all your quirks, your right, they are what make us SOOO great! I will respond to your tag this weekend, that's the only time I can get anything outside of school done these days. I have a few quirks to add to yours however...
-will all of a sudden in the middle of a sentence begin speaking with an authentic mexican accent
-HATES pico de galo
-checks herself out in anything that has a reflective surface(ha ha jk i think you grew out of that one:)
-instead of saying "you're a silly goose" she shortens it to "you little goose"? what the?
there's just a few, love ya friend! kiss on those babies for me!