Saturday, April 28, 2012

House for sale

Well we have put our house up this week.... I love our house so much and was a little hesitant to agree to sell it but I have realized that selling it is what's best for our family. With Matt working in Vernal for 2 weeks at a time it has made us realize how ridiculous it is to spend as much as we do on a home. It's because of this that we decided that we wanted to Simplify our life in a lot of ways and one is to downsize in our home. Also with Matt's job it would be nice to have options on relocating if we had to to be closer to him. So we are just going to see if it sells ( who knows in this economy ) and if it doesnt well then we know this is where we need to stay for now . So if anyone is looking send them out way!


Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

Your house is beautiful, I am sure it will sell. I was in a similar situation a few years ago when we had to sell our house, but it definitely what was best for our family, and it all worked out!! Good luck! :)

Whitney said...

Thanks kam.... Whatever is meant to be will be :)

Ofelia Bertrand said...

Eventually, someone will love your house and buy it. Make sure that you look for a buyer that will take care of your house, the same as you did. Well, it's been 6 months. Who’s the lucky person that has bought your house? I suppose it has been sold already.

Ofelia Bertrand